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Episode: Famous Black Men Making Fashion Statements in Traditional Women's Clothing

We are an informative grassroots podcast based out of Houston, Texas. We are on live here on every Sunday from 7 pm to 8 pm CST on Bangin 832 Digital... 
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you can catch us live every Monday and Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm CST. Join us for live debates and real time discussions regarding current and often controversial discussions. Also join us every Tuesday and Thursday for TDS: The Smoke Sessions and every Friday for TDS: TGIF Edition. Everyone is welcome and we pride ourselves on having a diverse viewership with as many ranges of opinions. Please log in, sit back, relax, grab a drink or a smoke and enjoy the show. If you are unable to grace us with your presence please be with us in spirit. Sincerely, Tha Daily Smoke: The Peoples Podcast LLC Ron, Los, Jam and Bobby Black Hand. For donations, Cash App: $TDSMOKE

Episode: The WRDMTCN - Dismantling Distractions and Breaking The Chains

Episode: Aliens or Not: The Early Days Edition

Episode: The Penal System in the US

The Black Gold Nation: Guest Episode w/ Tamani Mwandani     6/23/2022

Episode:  Now, We Are Breaking Up,  6/6/22

Episode:  40 Years, 50 Albums: Guest Episode w/ K-Rino and Murder One of The South Park Coalition

Episode:  The Necessity of Public School

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